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Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz


Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz


Schultz was born in Hamburg in 1948, he received piano and cello lessons in his
early education and undertook writing his first compositions at the age of 12.
After his graduation in 1968 he next studied Musicology and Philosophy at the
University of Hamburg. As composing became even more important, he began
composition studies in 1972 at the Musikhochschule Hamburg with Ernst Gernot
Klussmann. In 1974 he received a degree for his musicology studies and later
received a diploma for composition and theory of music. He furthered his
studies with György Ligeti and became assistant professor at the
Musikhochschule Hamburg in 1977 and assistant to György Ligeti - whereby  his responsibilities include teaching
Ligeti's students traditional disciplines such as harmony, counterpoint and
instrumentation. Since 1988  he has been
professor at the Musikhochschule Hamburg for music theory and composition.

contacts have brought him to Youngstown (Ohio/USA), Zurich, Vienna, Prague,
Aarhus and countless German cities. His music is performed in many countries,
from Egypt (Cairo), France, Belgium, the Netherlands to the USA (New York -
Carnegie Hall - , Cleveland and Los Angeles). To his important works count two
chamber operas,  two full-length operas
(„Sturmnacht", Nuremberg 1987 and „Achill unter den Mädchen", Kassel 1997),
many orchestra works, incuding the often played „Mythische Landschaft", the
dance poem „Shiva" for flute and orchestra, the 1st 
symphony „The Voices of Chartres" and the chamber symphony „Die Sonne
von Tabriz"; 3 string quartets, a piano trio, a violin sonata, cello sonata,
works piano solo and for two pianos and many song cycles.

            His music
esthetic is documented in his music philosophy essays  „Damit die Musik nicht aufhört" (Eisenach
1997), „Avantgarde und Trauma" (Berlin 2005) and  „War das der Fortschritt? - Ein Rückblick auf
die Musik des 20. Jahrhunderts" (Lübeck 2007). Information about his
composition techniques appear in his book „Das Ineinander der Zeiten -
Kompositionstechnische Grundlagen eines evolutionären Musikdenkens" (Berlin

Performances by Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz

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Performances composed by Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz

Composer Title Date Action
Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz My Young Life has an End 05/26/2010 Play Add to playlist
Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz Symphony No. 1, "The Voices of Chartres" 05/26/2010 Play Add to playlist
Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz String Quartet No. 3 05/26/2010 Play Add to playlist

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