Ayyagari Satya Prasad, classical music composer

Ayyagari Satya Prasad


Ayyagari Satya Prasad (Telugu: అయ్యగారి సత్య ప్రసాద్) (born October 28, 1954) is a Carnatic multi-instrumentalist from Andhra Pradesh, best known for his knowledge in Veena. He is also acclaimed as a composer and respected for his knowledge of Carnatic Music. Satya Prasad has fine awareness and grip on the idiom of ragas and rhythm, a rich repository of classical compositions, and a mind open to new ideas, all of which has given an innovative and interpretative quality to his rendition with a fine blend of aesthetics.

Composer Title Date Action
Ayyagari Satya Prasad Valaji Tillana 03/20/2011 Play Add to playlist