Carlos Bonilla Chávez, classical music composer

Carlos Bonilla Chávez


Carlos Galo Raúl Bonilla Chávez better known as Carlos Bonilla (Quito, March 21, 1923 - Quito, January 10, 2010) was one of the pioneers of the Ecuadorian classical guitar and an important figure in 20th century Ecuadorian music.

He studied at the National Conservatorio Nacional de Música de Quito where in 1952 he became professor of guitar and composition.

Considered 'The Father of Classical Guitar' in Ecuador; Carlos Bonilla Chavez is a significant composer, educator, guitarist and contra-bass player.

In 1962 Bonilla founded the first guitar department at the National Conservatory of Music in Quito, Ecuador. Sought after to perform many of his own compositions which featured solo guitar and orchestra, Bonilla frequently performed with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ecuador and the Colombian Philharmonic Orchestra.

Ever since the Ecuadorian National Symphony Orchestra was established in 1956, Bonilla served as principal contra-bass until his retirement in 1985. He also performed a contra-bass solo, Concert of Cañonery, accompanied on the piano by his brother Hector Bonilla."

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