Federico Moreno Torroba, classical music composer

Federico Moreno Torroba


Federico Moreno Torroba (March 3, 1891 – September 12, 1982) was a Spanish composer, born in Madrid.

Moreno Torroba is often associated with the zarzuela, a traditional Spanish musical form. Directing several opera companies, Moreno Torroba helped introduce the zarzuela to international audiences. However, he is probably best known for his compositions for the classical guitar, many of which were dedicated to either Maria Angélica Funes or Andrés Segovia.

In addition to his conducting duties, he composed many works, both in the traditional Spanish form and for the concert hall. He achieved his greatest success in the 1930s with the zarzuelas Luisa Fernanda (1932) and La Chulapona (1934). He also composed several operas, of which La Virgen de Mayo (1925) and El Poeta (1980, with Plácido Domingo in the title role) are his best known .

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