Ilio Volante, classical music composer

Ilio Volante


Ilio Volante, Italian composer of classical and jazz music.  Born in Italy on 15 of May 1964, he was still a teenager when he started his music studies (saxophone) showing from the very beginning a particular predisposition towards the music composition and Jazz music. At the age of 19 he won the audition for the Italian National Army Band stationed in Rome. He served it for 10 years under the direction of Col. Marino Bartolini. After this, he played in the Grenadiers of Sardinia's Band (Rome) and the Shape International Band (the official Nato Band) stationed in Mons (Belgium). In this last post, he covered for three years the 1st Tenor Saxophone slot helping the Director, MSg Allen Wittig, in doing the original arrangements for the Big Band.

So far, in his long carrieer, he has written more than 200 tunes for several music formations. Starting from the Marching/Symphonic/Big Band's repertoire to the Symphonic Orchestra and Decimini/Quintetti/Trii, etc. His Band tunes are very well appreciated because conceived in a modern style and because they are easy listening too, but not for this resulting too difficult to play. Furthermore, he has composed many songs for several singers that commissioned them according to their artistic skills.

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