John Alan Rose, classical music composer

John Alan Rose


John Alan Rose has performed as pianist and composer in various venues in the U.S. and Europe, including Los Angeles, Yale University, NYU, Carnegie Hall and Merkin Hall in New York.  An accompanist in great demand for over 20 years, he plays and coaches on a regular basis with instrumentalists and vocalists of all types, and has even played onstage with Aretha Franklin.  The fact that most of his compositions are written for chamber ensembles including piano attests to his love of musical collaborations.

At the age of 18, John performed the complete Chopin Etudes Op. 10 and Op. 25 in concerts throughout Ohio and West Virginia, followed by concerts of the piano concerti of E. Grieg and F. Liszt.  He was a prizewinner in the Toronto International Music Competition, the IBLA International Piano and Composition competitions, and the Bradshaw and Buono International Piano Competition.  With a fondness for performing complete cycles of music, his programs often feature the complete: Moments Musicaux Op. 16 (S. Rachmaninov), Paganini Etudes (F. Liszt), Goldberg Variations (J. S. Bach), Visions Fugitives (S. Prokofiev), etc.

John lives in Connecticut with his wife Singah and their daughter Sophie.


Piano Concerto (2010)
This concerto was inspired by the literary model of a Hero's Journey or Hero's Quest, whereby an innocent person sets out on a quest, encounters myriad difficulties and returns safely yet more mature, having met the demands of the quest and gained in experience. 
Movement 1: Begins full of brightness and optimism and quickly develops by introducing the principal subject - thematic material suggestive of drudgery and difficulty.  A gentle lapse in intensity concludes the movement.
Movement 2: This is a short, tender movement that gives the hero a chance to heal and return to the source.  It is actually a lullaby I composed for my daughter Sophia, with new material added that serves as a reminder of the darkness that awaits in the world once the hero re-emerges.
Movement 3: A very athletic movement, as usually the most difficult challenges await the hero on the last leg of his journey.  Full of energy and athleticism, with only brief moments of calm, the movement closes the concerto with a quote from the principal subject of the first movement.

A Ticket to the Theater (2010)
This set of 5 miniatures totals 5 minutes of music and recounts a generic theatrical experience through music.
   1. Curtain and Scene (flute, alto flute, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, cello)
   2. The Plot Advances (flute, alto flute, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, piano, cello)
   3. Death of the Hero (flute, Bb clarinet, piano, cello)
   4. Tears (alto flute, bass clarinet, piano, cello)
   5. Finale - Waltz of the Ushers and Janitors (alto flute, bass clarinet, piano, cello)

Labyrinths (2009 - )
For piano and cello.  Much like the labyrinth gardens designed for walking meditation, introspection and prayer, my Labyrinths are similar in structure.  They tread in deep waters, arrive at a golden central moment and return along the same path as they began.

Buson's Ballet (2008)
Piano trio (clarinet, cello, piano) in nine short movements, each one inspired by a haiku poem by the Japanese painter and poet Yosa Buson (1716-1783). I particularly recommend the translations by Robert Hass.
   1. The Spring Sea
   2. Sparrow Singing
   3. Scarecrow
   4. I Go, You Stay
   5. Woman in Moonlight
   6. Blow of an Axe
   7. Night Deepens
   8. The Horse Stumbles
   9. Wife and Kids

Impromptu "Three Little Pigs"
In rondo form, for piano and cello.  This piece was written for and dedicated to the talented Korean cellist Choi Jungwon, as well as in celebration of the birth of my first child, Sophia.

Sleepy Hollow Suite (2007)
Violin / viola duo in three movements that recounts the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow."  There is also a piano version.
   1. Ichabod and Katrina
   2. Van Tassel's Party
   3. The Horseman and Ichabod

Ballade (2005)
Piano solo.  A larger work, about 10 minutes in length, and rather introspective, this piece is predominantly lyrical and requires broad playing.

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