Marc Fruttero, classical music composer

Marc Fruttero


Marc FrutteroMarco Fruttero was born in northern Italy, in a small city at the feet of the Alps on the 31st of December in 1961. His father was a vet and his mother was a housekeeper.As a child Marc was very interested in arts. His passion for music began when he was 14 years old. He attended the school of art and he also took piano lessons from his aunt, who was a music teacher.

Marc's first appearance was as a piano composer in the end of the 70's, when some of his classical pieces were performed in a local school. Some years later he changed over to dance music. In 1984 the first version of "Darkness" was recorded at Minirec Studio in Turin. "Aquarius" was ment to be a band of Marc's and some musicians', but in the end it turned out to be a "one record project". In 1985 "Darkness" was partly re-arranged and mixed again at Airport Studios in Milan and in the next year it was released on Pentagramma label with three other tracks.

Before the Aquarius-project Marc had some jazz concerts in Parma. He also recoreded a few dance songs which weren't released. "Crying For Love" was made in collaboration with Mauro Gallo (Tommy Bow) who is known from many other Italian dance projects in the 80's. "I Wanna Live With You" was arranged by Marco Remigi (known from S.C.O.R.T.A.).

Marc's music was influenced by American and British music that he loved. The vocals were (and still are) very important for him and he had a typical American conception of singing, although the instrumentation of the tracks were clearly Italian disco. Marc started with dance music not just for commercial purposes, but making dance tracks that could be "easy", but not banal. He made his music mainly for satisfying his musical passion and inspiration.In 2004 Marc started co-operation with Flashback Records and in spring 2005 "I Wanna Live With You" / "Crying For Love" was finally released.


Composer Title Date Action
Marc Fruttero Waltz op 6 no1 03/03/2012 Play
Marc Fruttero Prelude and Waltz op 7 03/03/2012 Play
Marc Fruttero Polonaise op 8 03/03/2012 Play
Marc Fruttero Etude 03/03/2012 Play Add to playlist
Marc Fruttero Waltz op.2 03/19/2012 Play Add to playlist
Marc Fruttero Waltz op.6 no2 03/19/2012 Play Add to playlist
Marc Fruttero Nocturne op.3 no.4 03/19/2012 Play Add to playlist
Marc Fruttero Waltz op.7 no.1”Oval Portrait” 03/19/2012 Play Add to playlist