Sandeep Khurana, classical music composer

Sandeep Khurana


Sandeep Khurana is a California based music composer and film maker and has composed for more than 60 albums in the genres of New Age Music, Western Classical Music, Film, and World Music. His music, apart from its new age roots, has inspiring folk influences, ensemble rhythms with subtle use of modal harmonies and western symphonies. Some of the compositions blend nature sounds with lilting new age music captivating the listeners by their melodious richness and simplicity.

Originally from New Delhi, India, he studied music from several prestigious music schools all over the world including Ali Akbar College of Music, and then it was at Asian Academy of Film & Television where he studied the art of Film Making, Film Direction and TV Journalism.

His music continues to be ranked high in iTunes Top 100 New Age Music Charts in UK, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Mexico, Sweden and other countries. And his music has been part of several TV productions on STAR TV, Channel V, California and other TV Channels, prestigious events and productions worldwide

He has also produced and directed short films and documentaries including the recently released "Yoga Lifestyle New Age" which is a video series on various alternative healing techniques. The videos series has been aired on Comcast and AT&T channels in the US and also featured in festivals. His music is aired on several radio channels and has received accolades and appreciation from listeners all over the world.

Newspapers and magazines in the US, UK, Canada, and India have published features on his work in music. He has also published several articles on Music, Sound Healing and Yoga.

His popular albums include "The Love Philharmonic Soul Instrumentals", "Endless Numinous String Ensemble", "Moods and Music, Western Classical", "Piano Romance Love Instrumentals", "Yoga Philharmonic"," New Age Yoga Music", "Shiva Mantras Sacred Chants", "Shri Hanuman Chalisa, Symphony of Sacred Chants" and several others. For more details, please visit

Composer Title Date Action
Sandeep Khurana Living Love as Dance in F Major 01/24/2012 Play
Sandeep Khurana Horizons of Infinity in A Minor by Sandeep Khurana 05/01/2012 Play