Sergey Akhunov, classical music composer

Sergey Akhunov


Sergey Akhunov is a Russian composer, who was born at 9 September 1967 in Kiev, Ukraine.  

He graduated Kiev State Conservatory as an oboe player, worked in symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles. In 1992 he moved to St. Petersburg, Russia, where he became one of the leaders of a rock band.

In 2005 he independently studied composition in LOEB MUSIC Library (Harvard University, USA). In the same year he writes his first chamber work – string quartet "Floridae" (first performance was in Moscow – 2006, "Romantic Quartet". )

In 2006 he moved to Moscow, Russia. During 5 years he writes music for orchestra, chamber ensembles and solo instruments, including "Four seasons" for strings and cycles of preludes
for piano "Book of numbers".

In 2010 he writes music for film "The Elephant". (This film was a participant of the competitive program of the Open Russian film festival "Kinotavr".  In the same year he got acquainted with well-known Moscow musicians; cellist Rustam Komachkov, violinist Julia Igonina and pianist Natalia Ardasheva. For them He writes two piano trios "Big elegy to John Cage" and "Trio in the memory of Irina Kovaleva". Recording of these works were made in April of 2011.  

Sergey Akhunov is a composer, who uses in his music so called Principe of cyclic progressions, where the number as a symbol gets a sound equivalent. This tradition goes back to Pythagorean – Boetsyan understanding of music and number communication.

Composer Title Date Action
Sergey Akhunov Big Elegy to John Cage 05/18/2011 Play Add to playlist
Sergey Akhunov Postludium 05/14/2011 Play Add to playlist
Sergey Akhunov Trio in s memory of I. Kovaleva 12/29/2011 Play Add to playlist
Sergey Akhunov Centaurs 06/09/2012 Play
Sergey Akhunov Psalm for string quartet 07/27/2012 Play Add to playlist
Sergey Akhunov Elegy of the autumn water 09/02/2012 Play Add to playlist
Sergey Akhunov Piano Quartet "Van Gogh's dreams" 09/04/2012 Play
Sergey Akhunov Music from film "Elephant" - Postludium 11/08/2012 Play
Sergey Akhunov Six Miniatures about shepherd and cow 12/14/2012 Play
Sergey Akhunov Big Elegy to John Cage 12/26/2012 Play
Sergey Akhunov Centaurs III for cello 01/13/2013 Play
Sergey Akhunov 6.36 in Schubert's company 06/03/2013 Play Add to playlist
Sergey Akhunov Six Miniatures about the shepherd and the bull 11/24/2013 Play
Sergey Akhunov In memory of a musician 10/19/2014 Play
Sergey Akhunov Imprint 06/12/2015 Play
Sergey Akhunov Cherubic chant 10/20/2015 Play
Sergey Akhunov Sotto Voce 02/22/2016 Play