Zequinha de Abreu, classical music composer

Zequinha de Abreu


José Gomes de Abreu, better known as Zequinha de Abreu (Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, September 19, 1880 — January 22, 1935), was a Brazilian musician and composer who in 1917 wrote the famous choro tune "Tico-Tico no Fubá" (whose original title was "Tico-Tico no Farelo"). Other well-known tunes he wrote were "Branca" and "Tardes de Lindóia."

Because of the lack of written tradition, Tico-Tico is played in various melodic versions all over the world.

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Composer Title Date Action
Zequinha de Abreu Tico Tico no Fuba 01/25/2012 Play