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George Perle

Six Celebratory Inventions  Play

Michael Brown Piano

Recorded on 07/09/2009, uploaded on 11/16/2011

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

I       For Ernst Krenek at Eighty-Five (23 August 1900)
II      For Henri Dutilleux at Eighty (22 January 1916)
III    For Oliver Knussen at Forty (12 June 1952)
IV     For Gunther Schuller at Seventy (22 November 1925)
V      For Richard Swift at Sixty (24 September 1927)
VI     For Leonard Bernstein at Seventy (25 August 1918)
courtesy of the Steans Music Institute

Steans Music Institute

The Steans Music Institute is the Ravinia Festival's professional studies program for young musicians.