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Aaron Copland

Duo for Flute and Piano  Play

Kristin Paxinos Flute

Recorded on 01/09/2007, uploaded on 01/15/2009

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Duo for Flute and Piano       Copland


Poetic, somewhat mournful

Lively, with bounce

Along with other composers in the mid-1920's, Aaron Copland cultivated an interest in jazz in a self-conscious attempt to write recognizably American music. He wanted to "find a music that would speak of universal things in the vernacular of American speech rhythm." His Duo, commissioned in honor of flutist William Kincaid, is a lyrical piece in a somewhat pastoral style. It develops from a relaxed and spacious beginning through a pensive second movement, ending with a virtuosic, rollicking country dance.      Kristin Paxinos