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Fallen Timbers  Play

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Recorded on 10/30/2009, uploaded on 10/13/2010

Musician's or Publisher's Notes
copyright 2009 DerangedMusic  Recorded at Crazy Mountain Studio, Livingston, Montana

Description: In 1794 in the Original Northwest Territory (What is now Ohio) a confederation of the Shawnee nation led by Tecumseh, met in battle against the emerging American Continental Army. The battle took place in a forest called Fallen Timbers (English translation) by the natives. A few years before the battle a tornado had swept through the forest and a vast array of trees had been destroyed.

Tecumseh had previously made an arrangement with the British forces that, if, the battle was taking a turn for the worst for the Shawnee, the British would allow the to take refuge in a nearby fort.

The Shawnee were overwhelmed by the Americans and when the Shawnee retreated to the British fort the British refused them entrance.

It was a tragic defeat for the Shawnee which marked the end of an era for them but yet it marked the beginning of an era for another nation.


00:01-00:31 Gathering of forces
00:31-00:57 Americans Advance
00:57-01:48 The Battle
01:48-02:52 Aftermath
02:52-03:46 American victory march
03:46-05:12 End of an era

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Very nice , I like it a lot, I just came on board this web site. Your mix of instruments is good . -----Ken Abbott

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I fell in love with this for the first time today. It is so electrical and cool. It's slow then fast then slow again. I love it. Actually, I only made my account today.

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