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Ludwig van Beethoven

32 Variations in c minor, WoO 80  Play

Miki Sawada Piano

Recorded on 05/03/2017, uploaded on 01/25/2018

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

At the other end of the spectrum, the works of Ludwig van Beethoven, and especially the two pieces performed today, are formidable for the meticulous care taken in chiseling out proportion and form. The 32 Variations in C Minor (1806) is notable for its conciseness; the C minor theme, and each subsequent variation, consists of only one 8-measure long phrase. Each variation whizzes by as if in a turnstile, sometimes lasting as little as 10 seconds. The mood and character change schizophrenically throughout the work, sometimes comically so. However, the theme undergoes a grave transformation by the time it reaches the last variation which morphs into the coda, the only extended episode of the entire work.     Miki Sawada