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Sergei Rachmaninov

Prelude Op. 23 No. 5  Play

Sonya Bach Piano

Recorded on 05/03/2005, uploaded on 01/21/2009

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Preludes Op. 23 No. 5       Sergei Rachmaninoff

Like Chopin and Bach, Rachmaninoff wrote twenty-four preludes, one in each major and minor key.  Opus 23 from 1904 contains ten preludes and is among Rachmaninoff's finestmusic for solo piano.  No. 4 is charming and simple in mood, with a beautiful long-line melody accompanied by widely spaced arpeggios.Prelude No. 5in g minoris in an orchestral style, both in its bravura alla marcia sections, and its poetic and almost nostalgic middle section. Prelude No. 6in E-flat Majorhas great resplendence in shape, both in the melody and characteristic counter-melody, and also in the unique sixteenth note accompaniment.     Sonya Bach

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