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Robert Schumann

Drei Stücklein I, From Bunte Blätter Op. 99 (Colored Leaves)  Play

Milica Jelača Jovanović Piano

Recorded on 12/05/2006, uploaded on 01/20/2009

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Drei Stücklein I, from Bunte Blätter (Colored Leaves) Op. 99      Robert Schumann

Bunte Blätte is a collection of fourteen short pieces composed between 1836 and 1849.  The selections performed today (the first Little Piece, the second and first Album Leaves, and the Novellette) were all composed around the time when Robert was corresponding with Clara Wieck, his life-long love, muse and wife-to-be.  The first Little Piece, a beautiful song without words was dedicated to Clara, "to my beloved bride for Christmas Eve 1838".  The Novelletten, according to Schumann, represented romantic stories.  The title has no connection with the word "novel", but whimsically alludes to Clara, being created from the family name of Clara Novello, a famous singer of the time.  As Schumann wrote to his Clara, "because your name is Clara, and Wiecketten would not sound well".    Milica Jelača Jovanović