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Eastern Orthodox Liturgy

Service for Holy Saturday, Part I  Play

The Choir of the Abbey of Chevetogne Chorale
Thomas Pott Conductor

Recorded on 03/22/1995, uploaded on 04/30/2014

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Fr. Thomas Pott (of Chevetogne) writes: The Office of Matins of Holy Saturday recorded here, is the solemn conclusion of a long and intense period of spiritual and physical preparation for the feast of Pascha. We find ourselves at the tomb where the Lord Jesus was laid, sleeping the death of all mortals. These are the first hours of the day after Great and Holy Friday, the day on when the Lord was condemned to be crucified, when His disciples--except for one--abandoned Him, because they were overcome with fear and despair; the day on which He was led to his place of His execution, surrounded by a crowd of agitated people and scoffers.

Yet among the crowd there were several women who had followed Him for a long time, and were not afraid to stay with Him, and remain faithful. The followed Him to the Cross; served Him by their presence next to Him as He died; accompanied His mortal remains to the tomb; and prepared oils with which to anoint the body of their entombed Master. Thus, there seems to be a contrast between Christ who rests in death and the women who continue to provide service. This is as real contrast, but at the same time and on a different level their service continues to accompany Him in the performance and the ultimate achievement of His work of the incarnation.

courtesy of Millennium of Music