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Béla Bartók

Selections from 44 Duos, Sz. 98  Play

Jasmine Lin Violin
Anthony Devroye Viola

Recorded on 07/27/2016, uploaded on 02/20/2017

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Selections from 44 Duos, Sz. 98    Béla Bartók
    No. 27 Limping Dance
    No. 34 Counting Song
    No. 28 Sorrow
    No. 30 New Year’s Greeting No. 3

At a 1932 concert in which some of the Duos were performed, Bartók clarified the educational intention of these works, comparing them with his earlier For Children: “In their first few years of learning, students should be familiarized with works that possess the artless simplicity of folk music as well as its melodic and rhythmic peculiarities.” Only two of the works in the Duos are original, but even then, Bartók’s profound assimilation of indigenous Hungarian song produced works of an entirely characteristic folk idiom.       Notes by Kevin LaVine