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Thomas Adès

Darknesse Visible  Play

Luca Buratto Piano

Recorded on 12/14/2017, uploaded on 07/04/2017

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Thomas Adès's Darknesse visible, written when he was just 21, takes as its basis Dowland's lute song In darknesse let me dwell. Adès describes his piece as 'an explosion of John Dowland's song … no notes have been added; indeed, some have been removed. Patterns latent in the original have been isolated and regrouped, with the aim of illuminating the song from within.' Illuminating the song from within: therein lies the crux of Adès's reimagining, which translates it to the modern piano via tremolandos, rapid repetitions and a certain grandeur of vision that never obliterates the rawness of Dowland's sorrow-laden descending lines.     Luca Buratto