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Jean Sibelius

Mazurka, Op. 81, No. 1  Play

Karisa Chiu Violin
Inah Chiu Piano

Recorded on 01/04/2017, uploaded on 08/04/2017

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Sibelius composed many short pieces for the instrument during the First World War for financial expediency. The music does not reflect the tragedy of war at any point and like similar occasional pieces written by Kreisler, each has an abundance of charm and melodic invention. The Romance is the second piece in the set from the op. 78 Four Pieces for violin/cello & piano. The sweet tone of the romance is carried by the violin’s melody over a calm piano accompaniment. There is a childlike quality to the main material reminiscent of Schumann. The Mazurka and the Valse are both part of the op.81 set of Five Pieces for violin and piano. The Valse is languorous and beguiling with a most inventive middle section. It has a similar flavor to Elgar’s Chanson du Matin. The Mazurka is quite demanding technically, opening in a cadenza-like manner and replete with huge leaps in the melody, with much double stopping and other virtuoso effects.       Notes by Brendan Carroll