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Jean Sibelius

Berceuse, from 6 Pieces for Violin and Piano  Play

Yoo Jin Jang Violin
Renana Gutman Piano

Recorded on 08/26/2017, uploaded on 08/26/2017

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Sibelius is widely recognized as the most important Finnish composer and is best known for his seven symphonies as well as his nationalistic tone poems, such as Finlandia (1899). By the early 1900s, Sibelius was internationally famous, but the economic troubles caused by World War I forced several symphony houses and publishers to temporarily close. Like many composers, Sibelius was therefore forced to rely mostly upon smaller compositions aimed at limited audiences to support him. The six pieces of opus 79 were written during this time period and the three selections today are frequently performed together because they provide three unique musical characters that blend well. The first piece is sentimental and reflective. The title Souvenir refers to a keepsake and the romantic melody in the violin can easily cause one to reminisce on a cherished memory. Tanz-Idylle is an idyllic dance with a whirlwind melody in the violin and cascading accompaniment in the piano. The final movement titled Berceuse is a tender lullaby with a soaring melody and gentle ending.      Notes by Nicholas Johnson