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Pablo de Sarasate

Carmen Fantasy Op.25  Play

Emmanuel Vukovich Violin
Ji Yung Lee Piano

Recorded on 01/25/2018, uploaded on 01/25/2018

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

In 1875, the French composer Georges Bizet premiered what would become possibly the most famous gypsy-inspired work of classical music: his opera, Carmen. Endowed with glorious marches, sultry arias, and a captivating tale of a beautiful and free-spirited gypsy, this work has become one of the most-performed operas in the world. Eight years after the opera’s premiere, Pablo de Sarasate seized on its swelling popularity to bolster his own. Despite building his Carmen Fantasy around the melodies of the opera, his Fantasy has since endured in no small part because it is known as one of the most challenging works in the entire violin repertoire.         Emmanuel Vukovich