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Manuel de Falla

Ritual Fire Dance  Play

David-Michael Dunbar Piano

Recorded on 09/27/2010, uploaded on 07/30/2011

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Ritual Fire Dance by de Falla. Played by David-Michael Dunbar

Manuel de Falla November 23, 1876 -- November 14, 1946  born in Spain.

The Ritual Fire Dance, composed in 1915, is from the ballet El amor brujo. It is about a young gypsy girl called Candela, who is haunted by the ghost of her dead husband. To banish his spirit, the gypsies build a large campfire at midnight. Candela then performs the Ritual Fire Dance. The ghost appears, and Candela beckons him to dance with her. As they whirl around faster and faster, the ghost is drawn into the fire. There he is consumed, and Candela is free of him forever.