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Whew, where to begin?
I am a freelance writer, novelist, traveler and entrepreneur and of course a classical music fan. In my life I've played piano, drums, guitar and violin. Unfortunately, none of it stuck, though I do miss playing the violin and am hoping to one day get back into it, just for fun of course.

I write about a great number of things including online video, social network marketing, mobile phones, internet technology, video games, travel and generally whatever people will pay be to write about.You can pretty much find me online quite easily but I'll give some assistance:
My personal site: P. G. WordhouseGamers Daily News - Video Game News (Part-owner, VP of Biz. Dev) R2 Relations - Online marketing, SEO, social media (Technical Director, Part-owner)
I love to travel and have been to over 120 cities in 25 countries. I just finished a 7 week trip to the Balkans. I live in Prague, Czech Republic for 5 years now and consider it home.
I've been a classical music fan my entire life. Some of the first pieces I ever heard were Carmina Burana, Wagner, Mozart and Beethoven. I continue to expand my collection and love hearing new renditions of pieces as well as new pieces.

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Welcome to the community Chris!

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Yes, welcome Chris! I've never had the privilege of making it across the pond, but it certainly sounds like you have! Are you originally from Europe?

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I love classical music I played classical music using piano and violin.

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