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Music and Transfiguration

Classical Music and Peace of Mind

If you have kept up with recent news, then you undoubtedly know about the volcanic eruption that occurred in Iceland last week. Due to the ash cloud from the eruption, air travel was completely suspended throughout much of Europe. Thousands of flights were canceled and thousands more people were stranded with virtually no way of getting home. I was one of them. I had only been in England for two days when I heard the news of the volcano eruption. My return flight to the US was scheduled for this past Monday, but air travel didn't resume until the following Wednesday. My flights were canceled multiple times until I finally was able to board a flight back home on Friday morning. That night I finally returned home. On my first trip to Europe and I got to take part in the entire traveling experience of canceled flights and sleeping in airports.

So, what kept me sane through all of this? Music. Thankfully, I had loaded up my trusty Blackberry with plenty of music to listen to while I was gone. Bach lulled me to sleep on more than one occasion. Beethoven and Brahms gave me the energy to make it through the day when I was just plain exhausted. The amazing part of it was that since there are only so many things you can do in airport terminal, it actually turned out to be a great opportunity to just sit and listen without any distractions. I had also taken a couple of scores with me to study. When I left, I had no intention of actually having the time to look at them. However, during the times I wasn't trying to figure out when I would be getting a flight and there was nothing left to see in the airport shops, I was able to keep myself occupied with a little bit of music study.

I honestly think I would have gone crazy if I had not taken some music with me, both to listen to and study. Thanks to classical music, I have returned home with my sanity.