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César Guerra-Peixe

Três Peças  Play

Francesca Anderegg Violin
Matthew McCright Piano

Recorded on 03/29/2016, uploaded on 01/05/2017

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

I. Baião
II. Reza de defunto
III. Toque Je-Je

Cesar Guerra-Peixe was a Brazilian violinist, composer, and conductor. He was well known for his writings on maracatu, a performance genre practiced in northeastern Brazil. Maracatu, which includes dance, music, theatrical performance and other rituals, occurs during Carnival, and it draws on influences from pre-colonial African culture and religion. These influences are evident in Guerra-Peixe’s "Three Pieces for Violin and Piano."  The first movement is a simple dance. The slow tempo of the second movement Reza de defunto (Prayer for the Dead) expresses the misery of slavery (in maracatu, tempo and beat are important indicators of meaning). The last movement alternates between a playful, skittering theme, and a faster beat that expresses the joy and enthusiasm of the Carnival celebration.      Francesca Anderegg