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Reinaldo Moya

Imagined Archipelagos  Play

Francesca Anderegg Violin
Brent Funderburk Piano

Recorded on 05/29/2013, uploaded on 01/16/2014

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Reinaldo Moya’s Imagined Archipelagos takes as its inspiration ideas from Latin American culture, as well as the music of Moya’s native Venezuela. Moya writes, “The initial idea behind Imagined Archipelagos was to write a series of short pieces for violin and piano inspired by Mayan culture. The first movement was originally titled Tzolkin, after a Mayan calendar that consists of 13 months of 20 days each. In this movement, musical phrases consisting of 13 and 20 notes unfold at different rates between the violin and the piano. The second movement became a depiction of the goddess Ix Chel, one of the most important female deities in the Mayan pantheon.” About his music, Moya writes: “Intoxicating and elusive rhythms create an atmosphere of shifting perspectives; the melodies unfurl gracefully above these rhythmic webs, and underneath it all, the harmonic shifts can feel subtle or seismic. All of this is an effort to bring to life a music that reflects my personal vision of Latin America, with all of its intricacies and contradictions.”      Francesca Anderegg and Reinaldo Moya