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Alberto Ginastera

Pampeana No. 1: Rhapsodie for Violin and Piano   Play

Francesca Anderegg Violin
Matthew McCright Piano

Recorded on 03/30/2016, uploaded on 01/05/2017

Musician's or Publisher's Notes

Argentinian composer Alberto Ginastera lived in Argentina, and later in the United States and Europe. A distinguished teacher, he counted Astor Piazzolla among his students. Ginastera's music used Argentine folk elements, often influenced by the gaucheso tradition. In this tradition, landless horsemen roam the Argentinian plains, or pampas. Ginastera was tremendously inspired by this image, and composed several "Pampeanas" or music from the plains. In his Pampeana No. 1 for violin and piano, the music alternates between a free, rhapsodic style, and the driving rhythms of the gauchos: the Argentinian cowboys.       Francesca Anderegg